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"Nekton will “out care” any real estate company in Kalamazoo."

The word Nekton arises from an oceanic organism that doesn’t allow the ocean current to dictate it’s behavior. We at Nekton Investments believe we get the job done “No Matter The Circumstance”.


We started in August of 2018. Our company is led by Jamauri Bogan and Curtis Doyle. They both used the power of a five-year athletic scholarship from Western Michigan University to achieve degrees in finance and a master's in Business Administration. With our abilities to crunch numbers and think strategically, we began to search for opportunities that fulfilled us. We both have a strong passion for service. We have mentored student-athletes at Loy Norrix High School in Kalamazoo on leadership and financial literacy. Recently, Fox News Detroit came into LOY Norrix High Highschool to learn more about the transformational program. Over the last two years, our company has led Turkey Drives that have given one hundred families in the Greater Kalamazoo area turkey dinners and a gift card. 


As a company, we have purchased two homes. Our first home was purchased for $2,500. This home presented us with challenges. We learned that despite a cheap price the After Repair Value must be paid close attention to and always get multiple quotes on construction cost. 


The second property was $25,000. This home also challenged the duo who promised investors 10 to 20 percent on their money in under 6 months. As leaders, they had to fire a contractor who wasn’t showing up to work. We realized that going forward with a construction schedule would be very helpful. This project was profitable but with the financial background, we realized that margins can be increased by becoming a general contractor (Curtis) and relator (Jamauri). We also developed principles that allow them to pick the right property going forward. They sold the property for $65,000 in under six months. Our company showed we can deliver on promises, can pick a winner, and know-how to accurately project After Repair Values.

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